Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boomers Relocating to Sarasota: What about the Dog(s)?

When I got my wonderful dog back recently from "doggie camp" (Just4Paws Pet Resort) after my short trip to New York, I asked "camp" co-director Marcus Nunn if business was slowing down at the boarding kennel since we're entering off-season here in Sarasota. "No, actually, we're quite full right now. We have a number of long-term guests staying with us."

I asked Marcus to clarify the circumstances that might require long-term boarding. It turns out that there are two categories of dog owners I hadn't thought about before:

Some visitors drive or fly their dogs down to Sarasota, but can't have them at the home or condo they're renting here. So they board them at Just4Paws Pet Resort, where they are given several daily walks, have their own indoor and outdoor private spaces, and can enjoy "life at the farm" around other pooches, in view of the magnificent peacocks that patrol the outer grounds. An added bonus is that the pet owners can visit their pooches or cats at "camp", so they don't have to miss them entirely while they're in boarding.
Dogs on a walk at Just4Paws Pet Resort, Sarasota FL

The other group includes Boomers renting temporary quarters while they build their new home here. If they're not allowed to have pets in the temporary rental, they can board them at Just4Paws. 

Another version of this relocation scenario is that Boomers relocating to Sarasota may need to transport their pet(s) to Sarasota before the family actually moves down here. A long-term temporary boarding situation assures them that their dog(s)--or cat(s)-- will be well cared for until they can resettle permanently.

Interestingly, there are also pet owners who choose to take their furry companions with them when they travel to Sarasota, even if they can't keep them in their rental condo, because they have more confidence in Marcus and Moya Nunn at Just4Paws than they do in the kennels up north where they have their regular home.

What to do with the pooch or the cat is a very important logistical concern for anyone visiting or relocating to Sarasota. Luckily, because this is a resort area with experience in handling such complicated moves, there are options that can reassure Boomers and their pets.