Saturday, March 12, 2016

Boomers Relocating to Sarasota: Neighborhoods Close to Downtown

Sarasota is not a "walk everywhere" town--it's too spread out--but there are neighborhoods you can live in that give you easy access to shopping and close enough proximity to downtown and the beaches. 

I think of Sarasota as a city of "pods": Each pod, or district, is walkable, but you need a car, or bus, to get from pod to pod.

While houses and condos in downtown, Burns Square, Gulfstream Drive and Laurel Park can be prohibitively expensive, the following "east of the Trail" neighborhoods offer affordability and access to local shopping:
  • Arlington Park
  • Alta Vista  
  • Paver Park
  • Gardens of Ringling Park
  • Tamaron
  • Riverwood Park
  • Phillippi Gardens
Consider adding them to your drive-around list when shopping for property to buy in Sarasota.

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