Monday, March 14, 2016

Notary Services: Processing the Documents of Life

There are times in life when we need documents witnessed or notarized in order to proceed with important events. Sometimes you can take care of this detail at your local bank or copy shop, as long as there's a notary on staff. 

But on other occasions, you'll need to find a professional document processing service to provide the witnessing and notary required.

Here are two examples: 

Recently I had to get a mortgage document notarized. Conveniently, I was able to bring it to my local bank, where my account manager notarized it for me as a customer-courtesy. Easy.

But, when I updated my will a few days later, I found out that neither the bank nor the local copy shop would notarize wills. 

Luckily, I'd saved the contact information for a notary service I'd used a few years ago when the same situation came up. For a very reasonable fee, Jennifer Moore, of, notarized my documents and served as a witness, too. 

While there, I learned that Jennifer's original business was--and still includes--officiating at weddings (and renewal ceremonies) in the Sarasota area. She has created happy marriage ceremonies for hundreds of couples over the last 20 years: "My specialty is working with couples to start a 'ceremony dialogue', listening to what is questioned or desired, and then, delivering those sentiments in a heartfelt and professional manner on their wedding day!"

Interestingly, her notary services have become useful again and again over the years for some of the same couples as they move through life's important events. "It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to realize that I can bring calm direction to times of loss as well as to occasions of joy," Jennifer reflects.

While law firms also provide document processing services, using a notary service is much less expensive, if you have a legal document that's already been written by professionals.

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